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"Liftdata" Lift company software "Liftdata Online" Web Page Solution

Integrated Database Files Include:
  • Service Portfolio Management, Evaluation, Invoicing, Route Planning, Planned Maintenance, LG1 Certification, Contract Documentation, Maintenance Reporting, Quotations:
  • Call Out Logging, Management, Invoicing & Evaluation:
  • Standard Equipment & Job Costing:
  • Repair Estimating, Field Work Sheets, Invoicing & Planning:
  • Major Work Project Estimating, Quotation, Specification & Management:
  • Purchase Order Processing:
  • Correspondence Database:
  • Asset management & Test:
  • Vehicle/Personnel Management Database:
  • Invoice Database:
  • Contact & Account Address Central Database:
  • Time sheets & Diary:
  • QA Event Log
  • PDA Engineer Call Out and Service Reporting
  • Online Web Pages Include:
  • Customer Log in - View Service Call & Repair status
  • Intranet website for office employees to view all above data
  • Add bespoke pages to each of the above for Customer/Company specific reports

    How does it work:
  • Webpages created by Liftdata are sent to your website using FTP.
  • Pages can be sent via the click of a button when required or automated using the Liftdata Infoscreen on a stand alone PC.
  • You need provide one directory of webspace from your current web host, a link to the Liftdata "Log in" page from your existing website and a dedicated PC if using the Liftdata Infoscreen.
  • Liftdata creates the Webpages and Login Screen there are no special requirements for hosting the webpages.
  • Usernames and passwords are set up from within Liftdata.

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