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"Liftdata" Lift company management software

Introducing “Liftdata” Lift Company Management Software. Manage your service portfolio including: service reporting, route sheets, site assessments, call out procedures & evaluation, costing, invoice production, LG1 tracking & certification. Produce & monitor repair/major contract documentation from estimating & quotation through to invoice issue. Create & process purchase orders, asset issue & testing, vehicles, personnel, contact addresses & equipment pricing. Dispatching and retrieval of call and service sheets using Appstation Ltd PDA system integrated into the Liftdata user interface

Key Features: “Liftdata” has been designed specifically for running all major aspects of a Lift Manufacturer & Service Based Company with continued development for future lift regulations, legislation and lift company requirements. “Liftdata” has been developed from first hand knowledge of working within the lift trade with continual input from many LEIA member Lift Companies. “Liftdata” is a fully relational database and will run on Windows OS networks with up to 125 users simultaneously. “Liftdata” is designed for transfer of invoice transaction information into “Sage” and other accounting software. “Liftdata” is used as a major part of the Lift Company Quality Procedure. “Liftdata” Worksheets are integrated with Appstation Motivity PDA

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